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2014-10-21 20.01.26

Here at VR7CO headquarters we are constantly hungry and in need of nutritious, delicious food.  After a long ride it is so nice to have healthy food that is easy to prepare & eat waiting for you.  Fortunately, our good friends at Manitoba Harvest ( ) were kind enough to send over some samples of their various hemp products to help us out.  Here is what we thought:

First and foremost are the hemp hearts, which are raw shelled hemp seeds.  They pack a decent amount of protein and some omega’s into a nutty-flavored little package.  The texture of these make them great to eat mixed into cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream etc.  They are very soft and much more directly edible than a flax or chia seed.  Also, flax and chia tend to get gluey when moist, hemp hearts do not do that, which I love.  If you have not tried hemp foods in the past, try these out, they are  easy to incorporate into your diet and taste great (not to mention they are pretty awesome for you).

Hemp Pro70 Protein Powder

I am a big fan of plant based proteins, so it was hard for me not to love the Hemp Pro70.  It has 20 g of protein per serving, so a half serving has the ideal amount of protein for a recovery shake. Also, it mixes  easily (this stuff is very very powdery) so a blender is not needed if you have a shaker bottle.  The taste is  mild, so you will not notice it in a smoothie which is a big pro in my opinion.  If any of you have had stomach distress from protein powders in the past, try out this Pro 70.  I have been using this for recovery for about a year and now my stomach has never been better.

Ideal stuff for a post ride mix.


Thanks again to Manitoba Harvest for the products they graciously supplied. You can find them at most (if not all) Whole Foods locations and online at .

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