2017 Season Recap | VR7 Colorado Cycling Team

VR7 Colorado Cycling Team’s 2017 Season Recap   The road season has come to a close. Our team had a fantastic season. We achieved some great results. We accomplished our goal for the season, which was, "Have fun riding bikes while promoting our sponsors, partnerships, and the sport of cycling."   Sponsors First off, I would like…Read more 2017 Season Recap | VR7 Colorado Cycling Team

From the Coach | Choosing a goo

These days a ridiculous amount of “goo” products available, in fact there are probably too many at this point. So how do I choose you ask?? Well you have come to the right place. Here is the VR7CO informal and unscientific guide to choosing your race fuel. Why goo? This guide is intended for a…Read more From the Coach | Choosing a goo

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads……

I said it, no roads.  Translation, riding your trainer!  Trainer riding literally get's no one excited (except that strange dude who just set the record for longest indoor ride....)  but, that might be about to change. I recently discovered the joy of riding indoors with an ANT+ usb stick.  These little gems cost about $45 dollars,…Read more Where we’re going, we don’t need roads……

From the Coach | Detraining

Now that the weather is cooling off a bit and it is basically dark out the entire day, many of us might be considering a short break from the bike. Though, in our typical cyclist mindset we won't do much of anything until we know the effect it will have on our fitness. Well, as…Read more From the Coach | Detraining

From the Coach | Pedaling Technique

Pedaling technique has long been my favorite thing to ignore while on the bike, but recently I have been giving it a bit more thought. Should I be pulling more, should I be trying to pedal circles, what cadence should I be at etc etc etc. The questions are infinite, so let's ignore cadence and only discuss…Read more From the Coach | Pedaling Technique

From the Coach | Winter Training

Colorado has been blessed with an unusually pleasant October, so cyclists have yet to be banished to their indoor trainers.  Yet, it is time for most of us to begin thinking about the 2015 season and how we are going to handle our off-season. There is no shortage of options for how to structure a winter training…Read more From the Coach | Winter Training