Race Report | DU Club Cycling Criterium SM 4/5

The University of Denver hosted the first crit of the season here in Colorado. The race is held in City Park right in the heart of Denver. Beautiful weather awaited a sold out field for the SM4/5 race. The field consisted of about 75 CAT 4/5 riders who have spent the winter cooped up on the indoor trainers and doing…Read more Race Report | DU Club Cycling Criterium SM 4/5

Cycling Definitions | Criterium

Criterium: noun \krī-ˈtir-ē-əm\ A criterium or crit is a cycling race that takes place on a closed course. The race consists of laps and each lap is usually about 1 mile in distance or less. Criteriums are the most popular form of amateur racing. They are the easiest races logistically to organize and the most common…Read more Cycling Definitions | Criterium