Race Report | Best on Hess Team Time Trial

Best on Hess Team Time Trial The race was on! The crowd was loud! We were flying fast! Then we hit the 180 turn at the end of the out and back course and headed back to the finish. Only 4.5 miles to go. BOOOOOM! Our merry band of five quickly exploded and shelled two…Read more Race Report | Best on Hess Team Time Trial

Cycling Definitions | Pace Line

Pace Line: noun \ˈpāsˈlīn\ A formation in cycling where a group rides in a line taking turns at the front, sharing the draft to conserve energy, and travel faster than an individual could travel alone. A proper pace line can be the most thrilling experience on a bike. It is team work at its' finest. Normal people assume…Read more Cycling Definitions | Pace Line