Race Report | Haystack Mountain Time Trials

The Team showed up today stoked to ride together. We had one of our newest members, Mike Desena, show up to join the team on our first Team Time Trial Experience. The team consisted of three CAT 5 riders, Chris Hill, Dan Kaskubar, and Colin Rhinehart, and two CAT 4 riders, Mike Desena and myself(Devin Rhinehart).  Haystack TTT

We put in a solid effort for our first ever Team Time Trial. The clouds were dark and we had all made our way through torrential downpour to get to the race that day. Lucky for us the rain had stopped as we lined up, but the roads were wet and the rain was threatening to start again. As the clock ticked down and the judge counted down five, four, three, two, one, GO we rolled out and got in a line. I pulled first and we started off nice and easy. We steadily picked up the pace and started taking 30 second pulls at the front. We were rotating through and everyone was looking pretty good.

Haystack TTT Strava

At about mile seven or eight we lost Chris. Chris had ridden in the Individual Time Trial earlier that day and finished 13th in the SM5 field. He seems to really like lucky number 13. We continued on without Chris and kept our pace high. At about mile nine we hit a small hill and managed to pop Dan off the back. We thought about sitting up and waiting, but the bit was between the teeth and we couldn’t be slowed down. We trudged on. Two brothers and the newbie taking turns until Mike could barely hang on. Turns out the Rhinehart bros can bring the pain when we want to. We knew the clock stopped at the third rider across the line, so the three of us encouraged each other while taking pulls and trying to keep the pace as high as possible. When the finish line came into sight we all felt relieved. But we had to put in the last effort and we sprinted for the line. Poor Mike gave it his all and looked a little green around the gills after the final sprint. He hasn’t raced in a while, but recovered well and was super pumped after we caught our breath.

Colin Haystack TTT
Our final time was 39:45 and we finished in fifth place out of eight teams in the SM4 group. Not too shabby for our first Team Time Trial. Check out the video below. Sorry for the length and not catching the finish, but I was too tired to edit the footage and kind of enjoyed watching the whole thing. I need to get a new SD card that can carry more footage if I am going to continue to shoot these videos. Hope you enjoy.

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