Weekend Update | Boulder Roubaix, Impromptu Century Riding

It was yet another beautiful weekend here in Denver and our squad got in all sorts of two wheeled fun.  To start things off, lets talk Roubaix (of the boulder variety.)

Boulder Roubaix

One of our guys, Chris Hill, got out and competed in the SM5 group for Boulder Roubaix.  For the un-initiated, Boulder Roubaix (BR), is a primarily off-road, road race.  See what I did there?  The loop is 18.7 miles in north boulder county with 43% paved and 57% unpaved roads.  The profile is a little bumpy and the overall route looks a little like this.


The SM5 guys did a single lap, with things remaining relatively calm for the first 10 miles.  The selection happened a little over halfway through with a group moving off of the front.  A chase group of about 10 formed immediately and started to work together to catch back on.  After clawing their way through the course, the chase never materialized.  Chris followed an attack with 1K to go and left the rest of the chase behind.

Coming into the finish Chris pulled to the front and sprinted into the line.  He was caught by his breakaway companion right at the end and pulled across for 23rd/60.

Overall it sounded like a great course and a great race, congrats to Chris on a stellar ride.BR 2015

If you are curious about what kind of gear to run on a dirt course like BR, Chris was riding a CX frame with 25 mm road tires @ 90 PSI.  It sounds like most guys were riding traditional road frames.

For more, check out the following:

Some video Courtesy of Garrick Mitchell | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfjsCIPfK2U
Impromptu Century Riding
A couple of our riders, Devin Rhinehart and David Nelson, have the luxury of working a 10-80 schedule.  With their day off last Friday they decided to go ride their bikes for 6 hours.  After many twists and turns, some fist pumping and more than a few chest bumps, they clocked 102 miles around the front range.

It sounded pretty sweet.  A text exchange between myself and Devin:
Ben : Hey, how was that ride?
Devin : Fine.  I am just laying here, unable to move or feed myself but it was pretty epic.

I think that about sums it up.  Here is a video of some of the action:
And the token Strava shot:
Once Devin is able to sit upright again, he will provide some insights on planning a century, and how to prepare / execute a training ride of that length.
Happy Riding.

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