Cycling Definitions | Criterium

Criterium: noun \krī-ˈtir-ē-əm\

A criterium or crit is a cycling race that takes place on a closed course. The race consists of laps and each lap is usually about 1 mile in distance or less.

crit 4

Crit Racers in Golden, CO

Criteriums are the most popular form of amateur racing. They are the easiest races logistically to organize and the most common races on the race calendar.

crit 3

Devin Rhinehart riding in a group

Crits are generally a shorter duration than a typical road race lasting between 45 minutes to an hour. The courses are generally technical in nature and require techincal bike handling skills and tight pack riding skills from the racers. The pace of a crit is generally very high and average speeds can range from the low 20’s to 30+ mph. cornering and maintaining a line are important skills to master before entering a crit race.

crit 2

Golden, CO Crit Racing

Crit 1

Early Season Crit Racing in Colorado

The strava activity map below is from one of our favorite Crits around. It is the P2P’s Mid-Week Race Series in Golden, CO called the CSP crit.

Crit Strava

CSP Crit Race Golden, CO

Check out the video below from the lads at GCN for a tutorial on how to corner in a bunch.

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