Holiday Gift Guide!

VR7 Cycling Team’s un-official holiday gift guide for 2014.  Get some.

Cycling Gear

K-Edge front mount for Garmin Edge (~$45) 

If you know someone who bikes & has a garmin mounted to their stem, this is a slam dunk gift. These things rock.  They look great, have a very reasonable price tag, and make looking down at your computer much easier and safer while riding.

Smartwool NTS Micro 150 Beanie (~$22.00)


This might be the perfect beanie for under helmet use.  It is lightweight and has a very snug fit while providing just the right about of insulation. Plus it is from Smartwool and supporting Colorado companies is always a good thing.

Rudy Project Spinhawk (~$62.495)

A man once told me that looking good is more important than riding fast….well, its not, but maybe you can do both!  Rudy’s Spinhawks are definitely a step in that direction.  They have a nice modern shape and are comfortable enough for wearing while riding despite falling in Rudy’s “casual collection”.  On longer rides they tend to get a little uncomfortable and a lack of grip on the noise piece can be troublesome, but for anything 1-2 hours these look and perform great.  These have quickly become the pair of sunglasses that I wear for literally everything.  They also come in a polarized version (which I opted for with no regrets.)

Sock Guy “Rad Socks” ($7.98)

Sock Guy Rad Socks

Preferred foot garment of VR7CO. These socks increase your FTP by at least 15%.  If they had some wool in the mix they might be the world’s most perfect sock…..

Williams Axiom SLC Carbon ($89.00)

Saddles are a bit of a personal thing, but the 159 g Williams Axiom is worth a shot at only $89.00. The styling is subtle, the microfiber cover provides a nice amount of grip and I have found the shape and padding to be very comfortable.  This is a good one for a new cyclist who might not have a super fancy saddle yet.

Cinelli Cork Tape ($14.95)


Bar tape is the cheapest way to make a bike look new again, and nothing beats classic Cinelli Cork Tape.  Buying Tip – purchase the same color that the cyclist already has on their bike…when in doubt, get white or black.

Premium Annual Gift Subscription for Strava ($59.00)

Annual Premium Gift Subscription

Strava….the gift that keeps on giving.  Strava just added some new features / functionality for premium members (and you don’t need a power meter to enjoy them), so it is the perfect time to hook someone up with  a premium subscription.


DeLonghi kMix Espresso Machine (~$250)


You have to be a little suspicious of a $250 espresso machine, but the kMix has exceeded all of my expectations.  It is a compact machine, comes in multiple colors and pours a great shot. The steam wand has been wonderful as well, it creates a nice foam and has plenty of range of motion.  A good gift for the cyclist who has behaved well all year.

Pablos Coffee ($12.00)


If the Espresso machine was a bit too much, maybe just gift some delicious coffee instead. Pablo’s is a Denver staple when it comes to coffee and at a delightful $12.00 a bag you might as well buy a couple.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood (chocolate) (~$29.99)

Product ImageProduct Image

If someone rides bikes, they probably slam smoothies like it is their job.  Green Superfood from Amazing Grass is an essential ingredient in this department.  Nutritious and the Chocolate flavor is delish. A pretty solid stocking stuffer right here folks.

Veggie Go’s (~$1.50 Ea)

Veggie Goe

Continuing with the healthy foods, Veggie Go’s are another great stocking stuffer.  They are delicious little fruit and veggie leathers that fit great in a jersey pocket (or just about anywhere else for that matter.)  You can find them at most Whole Foods stores in Colorado.

American Flyers (~$12.99)

American Flyers (1985) Poster

Never again will Kevin Costner have a mustache to match the fuzzy caterpillar he debuted in this movie.  Epic and always classic.

Phiaton PS210 BTNC(~$99.99)

Bluetooth headphones are ideal for riding indoors and the Phiaton’s are a great option without a hefty price tag. They come with a control unit that you can clip to a jersey, t-shirt etc. that allows you to change volume, control playback and use for phone calls (it has a built in mic.)  The sound quality is great and they hold up well to excessive sweating.


Happy Holidays all!

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