Cycling Definitions | Pace Line

Pace Line: noun \ˈpāsˈlīn\

A formation in cycling where a group rides in a line taking turns at the front, sharing the draft to conserve energy, and travel faster than an individual could travel alone.

Pace Line 2

Team DLA Piper Pace Line during The Triple Bypass

A proper pace line can be the most thrilling experience on a bike. It is team work at its’ finest. Normal people assume cycling is an individual sport. They do not understand the thrill of doing work on the front of a paceline or getting towed along by the rest of your team mates at high speed.

There are multiple ways of pacelining. The two most common ways inlcude single line pace lining and double line pace lining.

Pace Line 1

Team VR7 working pace lining in Silverthorne, CO

With the single pace line each individual takes a turn pulling at the front before dropping back and taking their place at the end. In a double pace line there are two lines and one line is pulling through faster than the other. When the rider at the front of the fast line passes the first rider in the slower line they get over and take the front of the slow line allowing the guy behind them to pull through. See the video below for a great example of a double line pace line.

Pace Line 3

VR7 Joining the Worlds Pace Line heading up Deer Creek

Check out the link below to watch a pro pace line firing on all cylinders thanks to Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies


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