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I happen to be the proud new owner of a Williams Genesis road bike and wanted to pass on a short review to everyone.


I have always liked Williams.  They are a direct to consumer company  and they are big on R&D.  Williams puts a huge amount of effort into CFD / Wind Tunnel testing for their products and competitors products.  They do some of this through third parties also, so you can have a nice fuzzy feeling about the results.  And, when you email them, occasionally you get a response from Keith Williams, which is pretty slick.  All that considered, I was very excited when I heard they partnered with Aeros to start manufacturing bike frames.

The Genesis is their top of the line carbon road frame.  It is an aero design, but will all modern bikes, it is quite light too.  I put my bike on the scale 100% built up and it weighed in at 16.4 lbs. For those with a little more cash at hand, it would be easy to build this bike up closer to 15 lbs.

Speaking of, here is the build:

Frame/Fork/Seatpost: Williams (Aeros) Genesis

Gruppo: SRAM Force 22 (standard english BB)

Cockpit: Zipp Vuka Sprint (shallow) / Zipp Service Course SL 90mm Stem

Saddle: Williams Axiom SLC (white)

Wheelset: HED JET5

Pedals: Shimano Ultegra

My Steed

To keep things brief, here is a summary of riding this bike for the past month:

This bike is amazingly stiff and nimble.  I raced it in a local crit and it tore up the pavement, absolutely wonderful handling.  I dragged it up some hills as well and while it felt great going up, the descent was something from a dream. My only critique, you really feel the road on this bike, and sometimes it is a bit jarring if you are on rough terrain.  Regarding the aero-factor, who knows, it felt fast which is all that counts.

For the money, I honestly cannot think of a better bike.  This bike feels like it cost over 5K but I built it up for just under $2,400 (with no wheels). Given how much I have enjoyed this frame (and the Williams saddle) I really want to get my hands on a set of their wheels as well.

Thanks to the Williams team for producing a great bike, check them out at .

2 thoughts on “Product Review | Williams Genesis

  1. Hi I just read your input on the Williams Genesis.
    I have been researching Williams for awhile. Since you have had this frame for quite a bit of time now I was wondering if you could share your input into the frame??


    • Hi bill, thanks for the comment. I have had this bike for a full year now and it has seen some good mileage. I am still very happy with it. It was primarily a criterium racing bike, and I always thought it handled well in a race. I also used it to commute on rough roads and to climb a lot of hills here in Colorado, it was great for that too. The big complaint from others about the Genesis was that it was not a very forgiving ride…I never really had an issue with that. I think this bike is a serious value and would buy another. I also crashed hard twice on this bike, I broke two bones but the bike suffered no frame damage at all, seems built to last!


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